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Under Tile Waterproofing

G W C-WATERPROOFING installed a wide range of Under-tile Waterproofing Systems including interior and exterior systems.
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G W C-WATERPROOFING is a certified and approved applicator of WESTCOAT ALX Under Tile system. This system works only on plywood walking decks to receive tile, stone or concrete. It is recommended for the discriminating contractor or building owner who demands the ultimate in waterproofing and durability. ALX Under Tile has been designed for balconies, corridors, stairs, and landings. It is regularly specified for hotels, condominiums, apartments,
and office buildings.

G W C-WATERPROOFING is a certified and approved applicator of TREMCO. The Vulkem® Under Tile Waterproofing System is a durable waterproofing coating, composed of tough-curing liquid polyurethane rubber. The Vulkem Under Tile Waterproofing System cures to form a seamless elastomeric rubber membrane system that is waterproof, durable and, when installed per Tremco’s recommendations, meets TCA guidelines. Tremco recommends Vulkem® 350NF, which is a one-part low odor, low VOC urethane membrane that bonds firmly to clean, dry concrete, wood or metal. It retains its integrity even if substrate movement causes hairline cracks of up to 1/16” (1.6mm). Vulkem 350NF